Wednesday, December 02, 2009

New minor release "Easy results"

I just released a minor update of obsurvey. Now you can get to a surveys results, directly from the "my surveys" main page. If the survey only has one answer collection you are taken directly to the results. If not you are taken to the answer collection list.
Clicking "Collect answers" will now jump directly to the publish survey-page if the survey only has one answer collection. If not you are taken to the answer collection list.
Notice, the only way to create more than one answer collection for a survey is to click on "View collections" on the my surveys main page. And the click "New answer collection"

The reason for these changes was that several users have had problems, where they would unintentionally create a lot of answer collections for a survey, when what they wanted to do was reuse the one answer collection they had already created. Reusing answer collections is now the default behavior.

Also, some of the subpages in obsurvey have improved with additional navigation buttons.

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