Monday, September 27, 2010

Branching released

It is now possible to branch your survey.

If you for example have a question "Do you own a cellphone? (Yes/No) " in your survey. You can have another question "What brand is your cellphone?", that is only show if the user answered "Yes" to the question "Do you own a cellphone".

The question that is shown/hidden, based on what was answered to previous questions, can be on the same page or later pages in the survey.

If a page in your survey ends up empty because, all questions on that page are hidden, the respondent won't see a blank page. Instead the page is skipped.

Compared to other survey solutions I've turned this feature on it's head.
In the branching of obsurvey you specify the branching on the question being hidden, instead of on the question being answered. In this case the "What brand is your cellphone?" question. You click on the "Only show when" button for that question and specify under what conditions the question should be shown/hidden.

Here is a screenshot from the new branching dialogue:

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