Sunday, February 13, 2011

Themes for your surveys, and more

It is now possibe to select themes for your survey. There are five themes in 2 different widths available, we will add more in the future.

If you know how to edit css, cascading style sheets, you can create your own themes. If you create a theme you like, please consider sending it to us, so we can consider adding at a standard theme in obsurvey. To the benefit of all obsurvey users.

Furthermore, we've added the abitily to password protect your syrveys. Click "collect responses" and add a password. You can also specify the password prompts text. Foreign language users will find this particularly usefull.

Finally there is a new filter in the reports "unique by IP-address", this filter is especially usefull if you are using obsurvey for polls or voting-style surveys.

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