Friday, July 13, 2012

500,000 survey responses, what now?

I've been working on a online survey site in my spare time since 2007 called obsurvey. For the last year and a half I've not spend much time on it, but it keeps growing. I do absolutely zero marketing of the site.

The last 30 days there where more than 600 people who tried the app

of those 280 became registered users.

more than 800 surveys where created

and there are almost 5.000 registered users in total. (x-axis is weeks)

and there have been 500,000 survey responses. (x-axis is weeks)
There is also a facebook page with 468 likes.

Unfortunately, I find it hard to motivate myself to work on it alone. It's written as a single page app (JavaScript) with a dotNet (C#) and MSSQL backend, and I've moved on to Node.js and MongoDB

As you can see from the site, the functionality it top notch, but the design is pretty bad (I'm no designer and I did it all myself)

I can see two options for me

  1. Find a highly skilled and motivated designer who would be willing to work with me on this. My plan would be for him/her to poslish the design of the app and build a real website, while I move the backend to Node.js and MongoDB. And the start charging monthly subscriptions for the service.
  2. Sell the whole thing to someone willing to pay good money for the thousands of hours I've put into the project.
I've been trying both without success so far. Do you have any ideas for me to accomplish 1 or 2, or do you have an option 3?

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